Hairy Witness

Hairy Witness may be an odd name for a blog, but it fits this one and it fits me. Why hairy? I’m not one of those guys who grows a full beard by skipping shaving once nor do I style my hair in a pony tail. Hairy is for hairy cell leukemia, the chronic cancer that, in 2019, began to reshape my life and those of everyone around me. It’s a rare, slow-growing and treatable condition that over time suppresses your immune system. It’s also the diagnosis that I received, the news that I have had to share with family, friends and coworkers, and the preexisting condition that I will carry for my whole life.

Why witness? I did not watch a car accident take place, and I’m not in a government protection program. Quite simply, I am a disciple of Christ, trying to be a witness to His presence in the world. Just before the Ascension, Jesus told his disciples “You are witnesses of these things”, and I feel moved to answer that same calling today. I am on a journey to wrestle with hairy cell leukemia and life, and as I walk that road, I am called to witness to Christ.

This blog is about that journey. Thanks for coming along with me.